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Church Heating 2


Church Heating 2 case study demonstrates very effectively how huge savings and increased comfort can be achieved by replacing traditional underfloor piped heating with infrared space heaters. Underfloor piped heating is common in many Parish Churches, Village Halls, School Chapels, Theatres, and whole range of large community buildings which are not used on a continual permanent basis. They may be used for special or regular events such as scheduled classes, rehearsals and similar style activities. The piped heating system is notoriously inefficient and takes a long time to heat the large spaces with the consequential use of large amounts of energy, costing thousands of ££’s . Originally these systems were often designed for cheap coal- which is of course is no longer acceptable as a clean energy source, not widely available, and requires a degree of manual labour to get into the furnace.

Church Heating 2 case study showing significant savings to heating costs for church which has moved to infrared heating

Case | Saint Michael’s Church in Wolverhampton installed Tansun Apollo infrared space heaters to replace their old inefficient underfloor heating system. The previous underfloor heating system needed to be switched on three days before Sunday service, which lasted only a few hours. This meant that for the winter months, the heating system had to be turned on at midday on Thursday, all of Friday and Saturday, just so the church would be warm enough for the Sunday service. This was proving to be very costly, and unsustainable for the church. They needed a more efficient heating solution and contacted Tansun, manufacturers of the Apollo infrared Space Heater.

Assessment | Tansun specialist trained surveyors undertook a full assessment of the building and designed an infrared heating scheme. The scheme incorporated the various important factors highlighted through in depth discussion with the client including: aesthetic considerations, power availability, ensuring that heater positioning would match the requirements and needs of the church, its congregation and visitors. HeatMySpace offer a free bespoke design service for all of our clients; we work hand in hand with our manufacturers and nominated electrical contractors to ensure that an effective efficient heater layout is designed and installed.

Solution | Tansun’s Apollo infrared space heaters were chosen for the church as they were powerful enough to heat large buildings with high ceilings. Tansun offer a range of bracketry and so the space heaters would be wall mounted at the appropriate angle for the people below to feel the comforting warmth of the infrared heaters.

Installation | Saint Michael’s decided to go ahead with the proposal for Tansun Apollo heaters. Proposing to install the Apollo space heaters during the warmer summer months so they could benefit from the heating system in time for the winter. The installation was clean from any major building works and avoided any disruption to the church activities. The Apollo infrared heaters were specially designed to target space heating for the entire church seating area.

Results | The results from the changeover to Tansun’s high quality space heaters were self-evident. The church now have only to turn on the infrared heaters exactly when the heat is required as the heaters have zero pre-heating time. This has enabled the church to save a staggering 75% per annum on their heating bills and Saint Michael’s church were delighted with the results.

Comparison of COSTS & SAVINGS | The figures below show the church heating costs before and after installing the Tansun Apollo infrared space heaters. All the figures are data provided by Saint Michael’s church.

Old System Sept 2010 £29.95  | New system Sept 2011 £ 6.49

Oct 2010 £ 388.36 | Oct 2011 £44.00

Nov 2010 £168.17  | Nov 2011 £ 92.67

Dec 2010 1546.15 | Dec 2011 £254.77

Jan 2011 £ 404.69 | Jan 2012 £ 243.23

Feb  2011 £1050.43  | Feb 2012 £ 153.27

March 2011 £707.81  | March 2012 £ 95.33

Total: Sept 2010- March 2011 £ 4295.56 Old Church Heating System | Total: Sept 2011 – March 2012 £ 889.76 Tansun Apollo Church Heating System.

The figures show that Saint Michael’s church saved 79% on church heating during the main months when the heating is required.

“We have tried for years, literally years to find an effective heating solution for this church and the Tansun heating system is the only one we have found that provides an effective heating solution whilst dramatically reducing our heating costs. We are now saving over 75% per annum on heating costs”. Parish Priest Reverend Fr Stephen Squires.