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Church Heating

Church heating case study illustrating a typical example for facilities managers looking for a more efficient heating solution. In this case electric night storage heaters had been used for many years and a better system was required.

The principle differences between infrared and traditional electric heating for buildings used occasionally is that:

  1. Infrared offers quick heat, allowing the heaters to be turned on shortly before an event and turned off immediately after, as opposed to night storage heaters which need to be on all night. In fact if there is an evening event the night storage heaters have little residual heat left to give.
  2. Infrared heaters require a lower wattage rate to heat the same area as night storage heaters and therefore use less energy.
  3. The infrared heaters can be programmed to provide heat exactly when required, and can be thermostatically controlled.

The pre-existing Church heating was 10 Creda Night Storage heaters each at 3.4 kW, 4 of which had additional convection heaters for top up heat during the day each at 1.2 kW. Total energy consumption: 38.8 kW.Church heating, infrared solution with Herschel Pulsar Space Heaters

Infrared Church Heating Solution:

Installation of 8 Herschel Pulsar (early model) ceiling hung heaters each at 2.7 kW. Total energy consumption 21.6 kW. When the Chapel is in use a Programmable Logic controller switches on the heaters.

The quick heat feature of infrared heaters offers a level of flexibility to building users and managers that traditional heating is unable to provide. Heating for short notice and scheduled gatherings in Chapels, Village and Community Halls is particularly important.

Typical event examples include evening orchestra practice, stage rehearsal, musical event and classes. The Pulsar hanging heaters free up wall space otherwise occupied by the night storage heaters. This allows better access along walkways for wheel chairs, and for the movement of furniture, and equipment. Also for, standing space or emergency escape. Night storage heaters require regular cleaning, have switches and dials, which can be adjusted by visitors.