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Infrared Heating Information | Heat My Space

Infrared heating information, FAQ and guides from Heat My Space.  Here we try to cover all the angles, with guides on different ways to benefit from infrared heating. If you have a specific question you want answered please call us, or send an email. We will be very pleased to get back to you with an informed and helpful reply.

Click on the llinks below for full Guides and FAQ pages

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We are constantly writing new articles to help new users of infrared heating.

How much does it cost to run an Infrared heater?

This depends on the heat output of the heater. A Tansun Sorrento 1.5kW patio heater uses 1.5kW of power per hour (1500 watts.).  1kW of electricity costs approximately 12 pence per hour ( depending on your supply Tariff)  so cost per hour of use = 12p x 1.5kW = 18 pence per hour. This calculation may be applied to all our heaters including Panel Heaters. Panel heaters run on much lower wattages than quartz heaters.

Tansun Rio IP Fully Weatherproof Infrared Heater by Heat My Space | FAQ's and more

Tansun Rio IP. Fully Weatherproof Infrared Heater by Heat My Space

How can I save on energy by using Infrared heaters?

IR heaters are 93-97% efficient, they heat up quickly compared with wet heating systems. Infrared heaters heat objects and not air so less wasted energy.  The heaters can be controlled smarter than wet systems, so they are On for a shorter time and can heat rooms on an individual basis.

What is a Quartz heater?

An electric quartz heater is powered by a halogen lamp, this is a tube made of quartz glass, filled with an inert gas with a tungsten filament.  They emit infrared energy reaching operating temperatures of 1500C (medium wave) e.g.  & 2600C (short wave) They reach operating temperature in seconds. Quartz heaters are used for Industrial Space Heating & Outdoor heating.

Industrial Space heating see: Tansun Apollo

Outdoor Heating see: Tansun Sorrento

Short wave infrared is considered a better choice for exposed areas than medium wave due to the higher heat output.

How safe are infrared heaters?

Quartz heaters – Considering the operating temperatures of quartz heaters 1500 – 2700 centigrade ii is safe to say ” Do not touch a quartz heater when it is operating”.  Manufacturers recommendations must be adhered to when positioning a short or medium wave infrared heater. Adhere to minimum distances between the heater the ceiling and adjacent walls. There is a fire risk if  manufacturers recommendations are not adhered to.

Panel Heaters: these  have surface temperatures of around 100 degrees centigrade. If you do touch one of these panels you will perceive this as hot on initial contact but, provided you do not continue to touch the panel, are unlikely to scald or burn.

EMF –  electro-magnetic fields: All electronic devices emit EMF in varying levels and collectively this effect is known as:- “Electrosmog”.  Devices are subject to EMF regulations. All European products are required to adhere to those regulations as part of their CE declaration. Heaters  sold on our website operate within current EMF safety guidelines and standards.