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Case Studies

We have a wide range of infrared heating case studies and examples of installations which illustrate the benefits and applications of infrared heaters.

  1. Two bedroom apartment owned by an Essex council, had a 14 month trial of Herschel Select panel heaters which is the first of our infrared heating case studies demonstrating large energy savings. 30% saving compared with the electric night storage heaters that they replaced. Further to the trial, the Council has now fitted the Hershel Select panel heaters to the whole Residential block. For full study click HERE.
  2. Church Heating upgrade replacing night storage heaters with Herschel Pulsar hanging space heaters. Provides a better more flexible heating system for users, whilst saving costs. This new system can be used more efficiently and requires less energy to provide better comfort heat. For full study click HERE.
  3. Church Heating 2, the second of our church infrared heating case studies, where in this case underfloor heating was replaced by Tansun Apollo space heaters. Result: an immediate 79% saving on heating running costs. No more 2 – 3 day warm up time for the church before services – concentrate on the best things in church instead of high costs and cold pews. For full study click HERE.
  4. Warehouse Heating for a new build warehouse of 12000 + square feet, standard mixed usage industrial unit involving large technical workshop recycling IT equipment, storage and dispatch zone. Herschel Advantage IPR4 industrial space heaters specified and fitted by electrical contractors, no other trades required. Flexible zoned heating, maximising efficiency with the potential of sustainable Green heating powered by local Solar or Turbine electric generation. For full study click HERE.
  5. Outside heating | Restaurant. Piccolino’s in Brindley Place, Birmingham classic modern Italian with fresh local ingredients cooked before your eyes. Now with super outside alfresco dining area heated by 20 Tansun Sorrento double heaters, the warm glow entices you to join the party. It is a big party for the owners ‘The Individual Restaurant Group’ as the heaters have upped the turnover by 50%. For full study click HERE.