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Outside Heating | Restaurant


We keep advising Hoteliers, Restaurant owners, and Pub landlords that outside heating is the key to success and more profit. Here is a great example: The PICCOLINO RESTAURANT – BIRMINGHAM part of the Manchester based, Individual Restaurant Company.

Piccolino is a traditional Italian restaurant with a modern twist, offering a combination of both modern and classical Italian dishes prepared right in front of your eyes! The restaurant is based in Brindley Place in Birmingham, and they approached Tansun for a heating solution for their outdoor dining areas.

Assessment | Piccolino contacted Tansun for an effective heating solution for their outdoor dining area. They were using gas pyramid heaters which were not proving cost efficient, and were using up far too much floor space in the dining areas. They were after something cost effective yet powerful, stylish yet robust. Not only this, but they also required full individual heater controllability.

Solution | The final choice of heaters were the Tansun Sorrento Double infrared heaters along with Tansun’s high powered controllers including multi-channel remote controls which allowed individual heaters to be dimmed down to the comfort levels of the customers. The infrared heaters provided the required amount of heat that they were after, and aesthetically fitted into their restaurant surroundings. With the infrared heaters being robust and designed specifically to combat the draughty and cold areas, it seemed like the perfect heater for them.

Installation | Once the high quality infrared heaters were delivered to site, Piccolino’s approved electrical contractors installed the 20 Sorrento Double heaters with ease as well as the controller units.

Results | “We have seen a massive increase in turnover since having the Double Sorrentos installed in our Brindley restaurant. The restaurant looks inviting from the outside with the warm glow of the heaters, and our customers outdoor dining experience is now made even more pleasant”. Sarah Pryer from the Individual Restaurant Company.

Outside heating brings financial benefits to restaurants, 50% increase in turnover for the Piccolino in Brindley Place, Birmingham

This is a super example of how heaters really do make a big big difference. The restaurant itself saw a staggering 50% increase in turnover, just from installing our elegant infrared heaters in their outside area. They found that a lot more of their customers were wanting to dine outside under the warm ambient glow of the heaters and the comfortable heat they gave off. They were now ten steps ahead of their competitors who were left in the cold, whilst Piccolino’s was buzzing…and still is!