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The Future of Heating

A revolution is taking place in heating: low energy, high efficiency and attractive designs. Electric infrared technology will be the future of heating. Powered by renewable energy, it is stylish and discreet. Heaters that are easy to install, completely silent and virtually maintenance free. Heating that provides high comfort levels, reduces damp & mould, and doesn’t waste energy heating the air. Infrared Heating that can be easily managed, zoned and temperature controlled. Thereby maximising cost savings by minimising energy use.

The Future of Heating is a Herschel Pulsar Space Heater

The Future of Heating is a Pulsar Space Heater


As the careful use of fossil fuels becomes paramount, efficient electric heating will become the standard way we heat ourselves. This is the future of heating.
Europe’s focus on Energy resulted in the ’20-20-20’ targets for the EU to achieve by 2020.
■ Greenhouse gas emissions 20% lower than 1990
■ 20% of energy from renewables
■ 20% increase in energy efficiency

Herschel Infrared is a low energy heating solution. Infrared heat powered by electricity generated by solar, wind or other renewable source, is 100% CO2 free. Link solar to infrared panels to create heating without running costs.. As solar battery storage develops, the Infrared fit with solar will become increasingly relevant. A 4kW Solar PV system with Herschel and battery storage could cover the annual heating of the average UK home.
We have case studies highlighting energy savings from installing Herschel heaters and the reduction in carbon emissions.

Battery Storage

Battery technology is in constant development. People with home batteries are able to heat homes from solar generated electricity at night and early morning.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Herschel heaters are compatible with solar, wind and all renewable sources of energy. These combinations create a sustainable, energy efficient heating solution for all applications.

Smart Controls

Specially designed controls enable infrared heaters to be intelligently controlled, to suit lifestyles and business requirements, delivering optimum comfort levels, enhanced energy efficiency and maximum flexibility. Click here for Smart & Simple Heater Controls.

Climate Change

Consumers are smart, demanding in their requirement for the best available solutions on the market and fully aware of the demise of fossil fuels. Infrared heating provides a winning solution for most households, businesses and organisations on overall lifetime cost. Infrared heating is easily installed with no maintenance, and combines with renewables to give free heating and zero CO2. The future of heating is infrared radiant heating, join the revolution with Heat My Space.

New Ecodesign legislation from the EU 2015/1188 (otherwise known as Lot 20) means that re-sellers and installers of electric space heaters will need to be sure that the heaters they are selling or installing comply with Lot 20 from 1 January 2018. Heaters that fail to comply will not be able to be supplied or installed in EU member states, so it is vital for re-sellers and installers to be aware of the new legislation.

The EU commission has recognised for a number of years that local space heating represents a high proportion of energy usage and therefore is a key area for carbon emission reductions.  The new legislation is designed to reduce energy consumption. For electric space heaters, this will be achieved by only permitting their use when operated by advanced controls, improving their effective use and minimising wasted energy.

Herschel Infrared heaters together with either the Herschel iQ Single Zone starter pack, T1, or WH1 Central Control Unit are fully compliant with EC Directive 2009/125/EC for Ecodesign of local space heaters. When the legislation comes into place, Herschel will be supplying its heating panels and the iQ controls as part of a compliant product combination. Herschel outlines that these iQ features not only make the product set Lot 20 compliant, but also the best in class.