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Warehouse Heating


Warehouse Heating, Workshop Heating, Garage Heating, Farm Building space heating can be a complex problem with high roof lines, open doorways, areas needing heat, other areas not so important. Maintaining a good heat level suitable for each area, as efficiently as possible is the key. New technology and well designed infrared heaters address many of the problems affecting SME’s and heating, leaving traditional oil, gas and electric convection systems far behind when it comes to cost saving, sustainability and business’s Green credentials.

Most modern industrial and commercial units combine every aspect of a business from admin, to design, fabrication, packing, storage, dispatch, restrooms, kitchens and meeting points. Infrared heaters are available for every location to produce the right heat at the right time, efficiently saving ££’s and improving profits. See this link to our Commercial & Industrial Heating category to see the relevant heaters

 Warehouse heating, Herschel Advantage IRP4

Case | This warehouse heating case study refers to an installation for RDC the Worlds foremost IT disposal & IT recycling Company, with its HQ in Braintree, Essex. The brief being to heat a very large area, in excess of 12000 square feet, cost effectively and as efficiently as possible.

The 1,136 m2/12000 ft2 area is used by technicians working on computers, with additional storage and single storey offices. The only part of the unit required heating, making infrared heating the ideal choice. Where convective heating is used the whole unit would have to be heated, including storage and dispatch. This would mean a large waste of energy.

Solution | Herschel Advantage IRP4 Far Infrared Space Heaters were recommended. The intial client request was to cover the whole unit, 193 heaters. However, further to a full work space analysis, this requirement was reduced to 44. Positioned at 3m from the ground, the IRP4 projects a heat circle 5m in diameter. The heater is not affected by air movement so perfect where you want to create zoned heating. In addition to the 1,136 m2 main unit, a further 12 heaters were installed in a stripping area at 4m high plus 4 heaters in a shredding area.

Installation | Heaters were installed during first and second fix, and mounted at the same time as the lighting.

Result | Energy costs are effectively managed by only heating the required area.  Quick & easy installation.  Both the client & staff are happy with the quiet comfortable heat.